The Sustainable Garden


by: Craig Jolly

What better than a self sustaining vegetable garden to go with your sustainable home?  We recently constructed a couple beside our orchard to improve the productivity of our vegetable garden,  The design incorporates a wicking bed to minimise water usage and an integral worm farm to provide nutrients to the soil and water and to aerate the soil. 

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Single sized gravel placed into waterproof lining in wicking worm bed

Wicking worm beds during construction

Is Passivhaus next step in the evolution of sustainable design?

Australia's Guide to sustainable homes and Construction Cost Guide on plans and specifications
Posted: 14 October 2019


by: Craig Jolly


Passivhaus, which literally translates as “Passive House”, is a voluntary housing performance standard. In short it is physics for buildings. While we have understood the need for natural light and big windows and ventilation and these sorts concepts when we construct using solar passive design principles there is a general lack of specific physics in the design process. Passivhaus, on the other hand,  is very rigorous and scientific.

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