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Exactly what is a sustainable home?

So just what is a sustainable home? It is very hard to tell with so many buzz words trying to describe the same thing. Be it green homes, environmentally friendly houses, thermal comfort homes, eco houses or passive solar houses they are all really trying to describe the same thing: a home designed on common sense. The common sense approach to building sustainable homes is based on five key themes*: solar passive design, use of materials that have a low embodied energy content, are recycled/recyclable or contribute greatly to energy reduction; low ongoing energy consumption; conservation of water; and adaptability to future use.

The key to a sustainable home, lies in the design. A design, combined with materials, that take advantage of climatic conditions to maintain a comfortable temperature range in the home. The aim is to reduce or eliminate the need for auxiliary heating or cooling, which accounts for about 40% of energy use in the average Australian home. The importance of considering all of the elements together cannot be overstated.

Paying attention to the principles of good design means that material choices, water and energy consumption are all optimised. This approach can result in a lower up-front cost due to reduced wastage and minimised ongoing costs through lower energy requirements. Going hand in hand with this is a reduced cost to the environment.

Imagine Homes is a Housing Industry Association GreenSmart accredited builder specialising in the delivery of custom designed homes that are in harmony with your site and the local environment. When we design your home we consider aspects related to climate, your site and your requirements. Is it time to turn your dream into reality?

* Your Home; Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes, Department of Industry, Australian Government

I don't have any designs or plans in mind.
What do I do?

We specialise in custom sustainable home building; so we encourage you to be involved in the design of your new home. It is a wonderful and rewarding experience!

Imagine Homes can provide a complete service package – from initial concept drawings to completion (including design and build packages).

We work in partnership with you to develop your design concept, massage this to suit your site, and provide a solution based on the experience of a professional and practical builder. Read more about our process.

Couple with builder developing plans for their new custom sustainable home

Are there any costs involved before we start building?

This will depend on where you are in the development process. If drawings have not been produced Imagine Homes can guide your through the journey from concept development to the issue of the construction certificate by council.

There may be costs along the way to get the development approved.

Do you offer assistance with design?

Craig is an accredited GreenSmart professional builder and you will receive his support throughout the development of your custom sustainable home design. We also have access to Popes Electrical and Data – your local electrical wholesaler – to complete the design of your electrical and data requirements. In addition Imagine Homes has access to a professional design and colour consultant and the ability to take a guided shopping experience for all of your appliances and sanitary-ware requirements. Read more about our process.

Couple laughing while viewing their ipad in their new custom sustainable home

What is your fixed price guarantee?

The price to construct your home is guaranteed; no hidden extras, no surprises.

We conduct a detailed geotechnical survey prior to developing your contract documentation. Should we identify geotechnical issues we will discuss risk mitigation strategies prior to providing your final quotation.

Imagine Homes guarantees the price to build your home once you have completed your selections, sign your Housing Industry Association Building Agreement and the relevant statutory authorities have approved construction.

Your contract price will only change if an allowance has been made for an item in the contract and you go over that allowance. You will always be notified of any increase and we will never proceed with changes that incur extra costs without your electronic approval via our On-line project management system.

The Imagine Homes Fixed-Price Guarantee means that you know exactly how much your new home is going to cost before we commence construction.

What is the online construction portal and how does it work?

Imagine Homes uses cutting edge technology focussed on delivering you the best building experience possible. We provide you with a custom secure portal to the design and delivery of your dream home. It contains all of your project details.

Whether you are at home, work, on the road, or on vacation, Imagine Homes provides the information at your fingertips: selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos and much more.

We guarantee that we will keep you up to date with your construction schedule every step of the way. Our on-line project management system allows you access to all of your job information including your very own calendar which will inform you of what is happening each day of construction.

You will also have regular contact with Craig and the Imagine Homes Team to ensure you are receiving the best possible service.

Watch the demo video to see how we take the stress out of delivering your new custom sustainable home. 

My home has begun, but I want to make some changes?

Our aim is to ensure that we turn your dreams into reality. So what happens when you find inspiration during the build? We understand that flexibility is required; therefore, we have a detailed variation process that is managed through our cutting-edge online construction portal.

This system allows you to request additions and deletions and you understand the costing implications of any changes your request. We will not proceed with any changes that increase the cost of your home without your written approval.

Can I have access to the site during construction?

You are a key member of the Imagine Homes Team and we welcome to come on site and see your dreams develop. We adhere to a strict safety policy with all of our tradespeople, suppliers and visitors to site. It is imperative to maintain this policy throughout the course of construction; therefore, you must be accompanied by a representative from Imagine Homes during your site visit.